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Friday, February 24, 2017
Legion News by Chairman Bill Carder
The regular Second Saturday Legion Dinner will honor and celebrate Mother's Day with their scrumptious Steak Dinner. The meal will be followed by the Annual Governor's Ball. The entertainment will be provided by Radio Flyer.

Dinner will be at 6 pm and entertainment starts 7:30 pm.
For those of you 343 members who are not Legionaries I would like you to consider joining us in the Higher Degree of Service. You need to have been a Lodge member for 6 months or have sponsored at least one new member into the Lodge. The dues are $35.

The Legion Pancake Breakfast is being held in conjunction with the W.O.T.M. Yard sale on the 29th of April. We always have a fun time, sell a bunch of pancakes (and sausage) and show off the Lodge. Come join us!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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I am glad to announce that the loan process for Lodge 343 repairs has been approved through Moose International.
The next step is the Closing with First Bank. We are making efforts to complete this by May 9th 2017.
We are already in the planning process for some of the projects. The roofing contractor has been contacted so that we can get on their schedule as soon after the bank closing as possible. If you have been in the Lodge during the recent rain storms you will understand the urgency for this repair.
There will be a line item planning schedule posted in the Social Quarters for all the repairs that require members labor hours.
This will include date work is to begin, date a specific portion of the work is to be performed along with details for that task, and estimated completion date for the project. All Material and Consumable items will be furnished from the approved funds. You may need to furnish hand tools, gloves and safety wear if the work requires it.
A Sign-up area will be on the schedule so that we know who to expect.
If you have a special expertise please let us know. (we can use all the help available)
Again as a reminder at this point the only project that includes paid labor is the roof repairs and coating. All the other projects only included material costs. ALL LABOR is to be provided by the Lodge 343 members.
All of these efforts are to make the Lodge Hall and Social Quarters a safe and pleasant experience for your visits; a place to which you would be proud to bring family and friends.
This fits with our renewed efforts to make WILMINGTON MOOSE LODGE 343 THE FRIENDLIEST PLACE IN TOWN.
We are still struggling with monthly expenses,so any visits you make to the Lodge for Lunch, Evening Dinners, Social Quarters Activities help in these efforts.

God Bless Mooseheart and Moosehaven ... and YOU.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at he the Lodge!
- Billl
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